A Day Out in Cambridge

A Day Out in Cambridge, Saturday October 22nd 2016


We arrived at the Fitzwilliam Museum in good time, after a coach ride which was enhanced  by the autumnal colours of the trees along the route.

(Who needs New England when we have the Essex countryside  on the doorstep?)

The Fitzwilliam has been called the ‘finest small museum in Europe’ even  though it has a very large and impressive frontage -  plus  a Henry Moore sculpture on the grass inside the railings.


Inside, it is light and modern – collections displayed in spacious rooms over three floors. As part of the Museum’s bicentenary  celebrations,  there is currently  an exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts on the top floor.

Those of us who remember  the famous Chinese vase which was inadvertently broken by a visitor in 2006 , were interested to see that it has now been  expertly  repaired . Some chose to stay,  explore the galleries,  enjoy the café and browse the Museum Gift Shop, and some  to  disperse and  visit other museums in the area..

Archaeological and Anthropology Museum

The  Archaeological and Anthropology  Museum  in Downing Street which in contrast to the Fitzwilliam is smaller and more Victorian  was  well worth a visit . Apart from all the archaeological finds , some with original handwritten labels, and many alas, with no labels , there were displays depicting , clothing , weapons and utensils and information about peoples all over the world.

There was also  a current  Exhibition about the lives of children  throughout history which is being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Sedgwick Museum
The Sedgwick Museum (photo copyright from website)

The Sedgwick Museum , also in Downing Street  houses thousands of fossil animals and plants, rocks  from around the world . The showcases in the Whewell Gallery there contain many fine mineral specimens arranged in the chemical groups to which they belong.

There is much to see and visit in Cambridge – some Friends made their way to the Botanic Gardens for tea – it was  generally ‘a good day out’.

Gallery at The Fitzwilliam
Gallery at The Fitzwilliam
Gallery at The Fitzwilliam
Gallery at The Fitzwilliam
A Small "Angel of the North" in a East Facing Window
The Cupola in the Entrance Hall
The Grand Staircase at The Fitzwilliam
Roman Beakers in the MAA
Roman Beakers in the MAA
A Well-Preserved Roman Mortarium
Roman Bling at the MAA
Roman Bling at the MAA


Back on the coach after a very successful and enjoyable day.

Report by Brenda, Pictures by Geoff unless otherwise stated.

Links for places mentioned in the text are below:

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